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JUNE 12, 2000

As families enjoy home swimming pools this summer, it is critical to remember the deadly hazards a pool can pose and take every precaution against the tragic possibility of a child drowning. Increasing numbers of pool owners now add pool alarms to the layers of protection that can help prevent a deadly accident. These alarms are designed to sound a warning if a child falls into the water.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently studied the performance of three types of pool alarm systems: floating alarms that detect waves on the surface, underwater alarms that detect waves under the surface, and a wristband alarm to be worn by the child and sound when exposed to water. Results of the study, announced May 26, show that underwater alarms were most reliable.

Systems that utilize underwater sensors were also shown to alarm more consistently and were less likely to false alarm. Unlike surface alarms, they can be used in conjunction with pool solar covers. Although the wristband alarm performed well in the study, caregivers must remember to put it on the child and always be concerned that the child has not somehow removed or disabled the wristband. Another problem is that it will alarm when exposed to any source of water, such as tap water.

The Poolguard underwater alarm was cited at the top of the CPSC list. Ann Brown, Director of CPSC, which performed the pool alarm test, called it "an especially good one." Totally designed and manufactured in the United States, Poolguard has been featured in special reports by:

"People do their best to watch their children, but a child can get in trouble very quickly. Parents must use layers of protection to safeguard their pool," said Merle Stoner, President of Poolguard. Importantly, the Poolguard system comes equipped with a remote receiver that sounds in the house as well as at the pool. Poolguard's in-ground pool model is totally portable and can be installed by simply placing it on the side of the pool. It comes with a 3-year warranty and toll free customer hot line. Poolguard, the nations largest manufacturer of safety alarms for pools, also manufacturers an above-ground pool underwater alarm system, an UL approved door alarm for doors leading to a pool, and gate alarms.

To read articles concerning swimming pool safety from the Consumer Product Safety Commission click here.

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